Playtona Jr. Speedway

This is an exciting, full size obstacle course for the little ones too small to use the Adrenaline Rush. Geared for the 8 and under crowd, this unit doubles as an exciting inflatable play structure as well as an obstacle course.  26' x 16' x 10'   $295  
Inflatable Twister

We took this classic party game, and made it an inflatable for any age to play. Great addition for backyard parties, and the ultimate surprise hit for college parties, high school grad nights, and company ice breakers. Comes with an oversized spinner.  12' x 12'   $95
36' Space Shuttle Turbo Slide 

A very large and impressive 36' curving space shuttle themed inflatable attraction slide. If you are looking for an attraction that will set your event apart from all others, this digitally printed inflatable will surely impress the crowd. The Space Shuttle Turbo Slide is high throughout, with hundreds of slides per hour and a great view of your event from the top. For large festivals, community events, church functions, school carnivals, corporate family days, and company picnics.  $900
Portable Rock Climbing Wall 

Need a challenging activity at your next corporate function, school event, or community festival?  Try Airplay's custom painted 3 person auto-belay rock wall. Rental is professionally staffed and an exciting thrill for all ages and abilities.  $225 per hour / 4 hour minimum
Bounce N Slide 

A unique, smaller bounce and slide combo with pop-ups and a play tunnel for lots of fun. Simple bright color scheme makes for a perfect event rental for both boys and girls. Great for the 8 and under crowd, though it can accommodate any age.  14' x 20' $145
Home Run Baseball 

Whiffleball was never this much fun! Score a home run with this exciting Airplay exclusive. The ball floats up and down on a stream of air, and the batter takes his swing... Strike two... A huge hit for the little slugger in your family.    10' x 10'   $195
"Speed Cage" Radar Speed Pitch or Soccer Kick 

How fast can you pitch a baseball? Lucky guess... This is a great fundraising unit for school events, a challenging game at corporate functions, or an exciting attraction at a community festival. Soccer "goalie" backdrop is also available. High end professional radar gun available for this game or as a separate rental for baseball leagues.  13' x 13'  $395
Loo GO Racers 

The most fun you will ever have at a corporate event. Ready... Set... Go!  These ride-on toilet racers are a unique attraction at your next office party, school carnival, church function, or corporate event. Let us create a custom course complete with cones, barrels, checkered flagging, tires, signs, and a canopy. Must be set up on a hard surface (no grass).  This package comes with 3 or 4 racers, depending on your budget or event needs.      $250 each $900 (4 racers + course)
Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Challenge 

The ultimate challenge and impressive to boot! This inflatable is a great rental for adults and kids of all ages. It can be set up in several different configurations. Middle slide section or end pieces can be rented separately.  40' x 27' x 16'  $900    
"WATER BUMPS" Water Slide 

This slide is the most incredible water ride rental outside of Waterworld. Great fun for children and adults! Perfect for large community, company, school and church events. 22' x 14'  $495
Super Slip-N-Dip 

This version is similar to our Slip-N-Slide, but it has a pool at the end. Water rains down from the arches with a soaker hose system, and the pool adds an exciting splash for those who slide the distance. This one is a whole lot of wet and wild fun, so book early!!!  30' x 8' $295
Bungee Bull 

Add a whole lot of excitement to your company picnic or family fun day. Can you hold on for a meager 8 seconds? That will depend on how diligently your four friends or co-workers work to knock you off!  Bungee Bull is a great team-building activity. Available for corporate events, church functions, school carnivals and Grad Nights, or backyard fun!  16' round $900        
Dudley Dinosaur Slide 

This original slide from the UK is a great addition to our inventory. Kids climb over the head of this dinosaur, up the large foam filled steps, and slide down the back of this prehistoric gem. Perfect for backyard parties, and a great size for school and church functions and company picnics.    8' x 22'   $225
Spiderman Deluxe Club 

Spiderman Deluxe Club is a fully licensed and incredibly detailed CLUB STYLE bounce house for the wall climber in your family. The unique corner entrance and safety step entry way (not shown) makes this unit an excellent rental for all ages.  15' x 15'      $145 
Penalty Kick Soccer Shootout

A highly competitive, fast paced interactive soccer kicking game where participants outscore their opponent as their ball crosses over from one lane to the other.  Penalty Kick Soccer Shootout is hours of fun and very challenging for kids and adults. A great community, festival, school and church rental. The large soccer ball on top makes a great visual attraction at your event.       16' x 12'    $295
Disney Princess Deluxe

This is a fully licensed, beautifully detailed CLUB STYLE bounce house for the princess in your family. All the characters are digitally imprinted on this very impressive unit. The unique corner entrance and safety step entry way makes this castle an excellent rental for all ages.      15' x 15'   $145
Super Slip-N-Slide

No more clearing the rocks away, this one is fully inflatable! A sure-fire hit during the hot summer months with a 35 foot belly slide full of laughs all the way to the end! Kids of all ages will keep cool with the automatic misting system and super-soaker water play. Available for park parties with a water outlet, back or front yard fun, school and recreation center events, company picnics, or any other occasion. This one is a whole lot of wet and wild fun, so book early!!!  35' x 8'      $295
Carnival Games

Bring the games to your next event! If you're planning an event with children and you want to keep them entertained all day long, then why not have Airplay provide the colorful canopies with carnival games and specialty prizes! Create your own carnival with our wide selection of midway games.

Tic Tac Toe:
Bean bags are tossed at nine slots. Take your chance with four throws to Tic Tac Toe.

Football Throw:
Accuracy and skills is used to throw a football through a target that looks like a player.

The Can Alley:
Bean bags are tossed at five cans that are stacked pyramid-style. Two throws to knock cans off Pedestal.

Basketball Toss:
Three chances to make baskets.

Bean Bag Toss:
Three chances to make the target.

Hole In One:
Test your skill at this putter lane and win.

Fat Cats:
Throw at a target.They're not only fun they're Fat.

Rainbow Roll:
Throw the ball just right to land in the blue.

Classic Hi-Striker:
Step right up and ring the bell, everyone is a winner!

Our carnival game inventory is always growing and in addition to the above we also offer Putter Golf, Ring Toss, Ka-Plunk, Over Under, Plinko, Balloon Darts, Road Rally, Bowling, Colors, Can Smash, Hole in One, Tug O' War and a Prize Wheel.

Carnival Games with 20 X 20 tent $795 
10 games no tent $495

Mini All-Stars Inflatable Basketball

A Chuck Taylor-style mini basketball game, shaped like a giant inflatable basketball shoe. Two contestants battle it out shooting free throws against each other in this fast paced and highly addictive game.    8' x 10'  $145
HOOPS Inflatable Electronic Basketball

Here's your chance to shoot 3 point jumpers with 2 seconds to spare! You have 30 seconds to outshoot your opponent, make a few foul shots, and send it into overtime. It's an incredibly addicting mini basketball game that adds excitement to any backyard BBQ, company picnic, or indoor party. Great entertainment for the adults. Now available in royal court blue and purple, just like our home town heroes.     8' x 4'  $195

Big Glove Bouncy Boxing

Who will be the next big glove-boxing champion of the world? Contestants wearing huge, oversized boxing gloves and headgear - just like the pros - will love facing their opponent in this inflatable arena!  This impressive unit is the largest and safest design in the industry. Great for teen parties, school events, company functions, college events, and block parties. This design can be used as a large bounce house for the little ones.   24' x 24'    $325
Velcro Wall

Our Velcro Wall is still one of the most popular interactive games.  Run… Jump… Flip… and you'll find that you have gotten yourself just plain stuck upside down!  It's a hilarious game for both the participant and the spectator. Our version has a 12 foot inflatable run, so participants won't lose any momentum. They launch right from the runway!  Available for school functions, Grad Nights, church events, college parties, company mischief, and backyard fun!   18' x 12'  $325
Screamer Super Slide

We have answered the many requests for a super slide with the best and fastest slide in the industry. A massive 22' slide with a steeper chute than our competition. This huge attraction piece is a must have for any large event. The ultimate rental for school carnivals, church functions, sales promotions, company picnics, or the biggest block party on the planet!  26' x 20'  $495
Pedestal Joust

Here's your chance to get even with your boss! Two contestants battle it out on this giant inflatable jousting bed with foam padded joust poles and protective head gear. Knock your opponent off the foam filled pedestal and become the next "American Gladiator". Available for school functions, Grad Nights, church events, college parties, company mischief, and backyard fun!   24' x 26'  $325
Bungee Run 

The Bungee Run is an all-time favorite!  Participants, who are attached to bungee cords, run side by side down this two-lane inflatable with Velcro covered batons.  The winner is whoever places their baton further down on the Velcro strip before being shot back by the bungee.  This game is loads of fun and great for spectators. The Bungee Run is a sure-fire hit at company events, school carnivals, large festivals, church functions, and is great for fundraisers.   12' x 35' $325
Monster Truck 

A "Smashing Hit" for any occasion, Monster Truck is great for backyard parties and large events. Appropriate for all ages, 8-10 kids at a time. 13' x 13'  $145
Jet Fighter  

You'll have nothing but solid landings with this original airshow inspired unit. Appropriate for all ages, 8-10 kids at a time.   13' x 13'  $145
Jungle Jim Bounce & Ball Pit  

Little kids love to bounce around and play in balls and this bounce and ball pit combination jump gives kids the best of both worlds. This unit can also be set up indoors during inclement weather but requires enough space, such as a two car garage. Ideal for kids 3-8 years old and fits 6-8 kids at a time.   10' x 13'  $145
The Fun Kids Clubhouse Bounce & Ball Pit  

This is a two-room bounce house with the option of putting balls in one room. This unit can also be set up indoors, and is best used by children 6 years and younger.  Ideal for toddler and pre-school parties.  10' x 13' x 6.5' $125

Daisy the Dinosaur Ball Pit  

Having a party for a toddler? Daisy is great for kids under the age of 5. Kids enter the belly of the dinosaur, slide down a small slide, and play in a sea of balls.  Daisy can be set up indoors or outdoors and is a great winter rental.  15' x 7'
Peter Pan Bounce N Slide  

This castle comes equipped with a 4 foot slide and is great for kids under the age of 10.  This unit is just over 8 feet tall, and can also be used indoors, such as a three car garage or large family room, for that perfect winter party.   12' x 12' 
Giraffe Jump  

The perfect backyard party bounce. This jump has an easy entry safety step, front netting, and a sun shade. Ideal for kids under the age of 10. Fits about 8 kids at a time.   13' x 13'  $145
Laughing King's Castle  

This castle is quite impressive, fits about 10-12 kids at a time, and has a super high bounce. Ideal rental for large events, company picnics, schools, churches, festivals, and backyard fun! Includes a summer sun shade (not shown) for when it's hot, hot, hot!   15' x 17'  $145
Circus Circus Bounce  

"Ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages..." Circus Circus Bounce is a huge jump with brilliant graphics.  An easy-step entry way, sun shade, and front retaining wall makes this bounce a good rental for all occasions. Fits about 10-12 kids at a time. Great for large events and backyard parties with lots of kids!  16' x 16'  $145
Splash Water Slide  

This is your slide for the perfect backyard water party! Big fun in a package that will fit in most standard backyards. This rear loading slide sprays water from above as you prepare for a quick plummet into a large pool of cool water. What more could you want on a hot summers day? $295
Wacky Trikes  

Three adult trikes, 3 beers... need we say more?  Add to the life of your next company picnic or parking lot office party with this hilarious activity. Set-up includes 10' x 10' EZ UP canopy start/finish line, flagging, and enough barrels and cones to make a course that will surely tire you out! This is a very popular company picnic item and is also great for middle and high school events.  $395 w/course $295 without

Our dancing sky tubes let everyone know about your sales event, grand opening, company picnic, or party. An impressive visual for any event, or put this on the roof of your business and really attract attention! Rent up to five at a time.   30'
$100 each
$175 for a pair
$225 for three
$275 for four
$300 five dancers
EZ-UP Canopies  

Need a little shade at your park event or backyard party? EZ-UP Canopies set up just about as fast as they come out of the bag, and make for great shade structures. Red, white, and blue canopy also available! This piece is available for $45.00 when added to any other rental.    We also have a large 20' x 20' tent available for $ 350
Popcorn Machine  

Aaahhhhhh!! The smell of fresh popped popcorn!  This is a staple for any event; from company picnics to backyard parties.  $75.00 for the machine rental, $25.00 for a box of 36 ready packs (popcorn/oil/salt) that produce 6 bags of popcorn each.    
Sno-Kone Machine  

Cool and refreshing... You supply the ice, we'll supply the syrup, cones, and machine.  Available for large events, fundraisers, company picnics, and backyard fun.  It requires a 15 amp power source or generator.  $75.00   
Floss Maxx Cotton Candy Machine  

Our high quality 2 head floss machine will produce more cotton candy than the traditional Econo-Floss machines you'll typically find from other rental sources. It comes with the "double bubble" clear cover, metal bowl, and floss stabilizer, to help you control the output. 70 servings of cones and floss are included in delivery with an additional 70 servings for $10 more.  The Floss Maxx is available for large events, fundraisers, company picnics, and backyard fun. It requires a 15 amp power source or generator.    $75.00 (Un-staffed)    
Portable Generators  

We have portable, gas powered generators available for park parties and large event rentals where access to adequate electrical is a problem. Generators can provide power for 3-4 units at a time.  $75.00 (Including 1 full tank of gas.)  
KID WASH Inflatable Water Zone  

This unit is an exciting and unique addition to our summer water games. Kids walk or even drive their tricycle through the hanging foam strips as water rains down from the top to get you wet! Great for child care centers, church and school events, and corporate family fun days! It comes with large buckets of colorful sponges and bubble bath for interactive play.   12' x 30 'x 17'  $295
PIT STOP Challenge  

A new addition to our "sports alley" theme, this game is based on the exciting fast paced challenge of a NASCAR pit crew.  Two contestants race against the clock for the fastest tire changing time. Air power tools, flags, cones, barrels and props are included. An Airplay Events original, PIT STOP Challenge is a great company fun day activity.  $395
Noah's Ark Obstacle Challenge  

With brilliant graphics and superb characters, this classic story-themed inflatable attraction will delight young and old at any event. Obstacle course includes foam step climb and slide, inflatable animal obstacles, climbing mountain and an inflated step entry way. Call for specific event pricing or church package arrangement. 12' x 30' x 17'  $495
Morphy the Caterpillar Obstacle Course  

Our classic inflatable tunnel and slide completely redesigned. Your young ones run through a maze-like obstacle course, peek out at mom and dad through the windows and navigate a large inflatable slide. With over 50 feet of fun, Morphy is great for kids under the age of 10. $295
To view our wide range of inflatable attractions scroll down for a complete inventory listing or click on one of the links above to browse specific inventory categories. Airplay events are fully insured and we have worked with the school districts and city, county and state government parks and services departments throughout the region.
Double Lane Super Slide

The newest design in inflatable slides - two lanes mean twice the fun! This slide is great for all ages. 24' x 17' x 18' $495


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Large Bounce N Slide 

Our popular bouncer and slide combo unit. Fits nicely in most backyards and provides the fun of two attractions in one package. The purple and yellow unit pictured is our basic piece and we also have a monster truck version with the similar dimensions. Great for all ages.   27 x 13 x 13       $185
Airplay serves the greater Sacramento area and beyond. We provide inflatable attractions in the form of bounce house, jump house, super slide, bungee bull, bungee run, joust, combo bouncer, water slide and more. We also provide concessions and games for events large and small. Sacramento, El Dorado, Placerville, Auburn, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Roseville, Laguna, Natomas, Woodland, Davis, West Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights and more. Your Sacramento Bounce House , Sacramento Jump House inflatables source !!!
Dunk Em' Dunk Tanks  

"3 balls for a dollar!" Dunk your boss, teacher, preacher, or politician in our portable, clear window dunk tanks. No fundraiser can do without.    $195
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